About Us

At Summus Healthcare, our focus remains on building physician-owned, physician-led, and patient-oriented healthcare organizations. We are dedicated to improving care delivery and helping healthcare providers to focus on what matters most: the patient experience.

Summus Healthcare representsĀ a unique care coordination network of various health-related companies, all working together under one main parent entity to offer a better experience and a more promising future to patients and physicians alike.

Through our innovative programs and technologies, we are changing the face of healthcare, promoting higher quality and efficiency, and helping physicians and patients create better health and quality of life.

Our Primary Focus

Placing patients and their families at the center of all activities.

Attending carefully to all transitions of patient care.

Managing total patient wellness with the utmost respect and diligence.

Commited to quality in all aspects; from clinical operations to our office representatives.

Strengthening your connection with your healthcare provider(s).

Providing extra health and wellness benefits to our patients.

Ensuring coordination of care regardless of time or place.

Forming community partnerships with local organizations to better our patients’ overall health.